Carved Candle No.1

Carved Candle No.1


FRESH AND CLEAN. That's the scent combo that'll hit ya when you smell this bad boy; top notes of sweet citrusy grapefruit blend beautifully with the dewy rosemary, so crisp you'll think it's straight from the garden. The cup is lovingly handmade and carved by moi in my home studio in East Austin. Once the pottery has been glazed and fire, the candle is poured by Austin's own Kuhdoo in their home studio. This is small batch at it's finest, folks. Each candle is truly handcrafted and one of a kind!

  • Cup is approx. 3“x3”

  • Soy Wax (8-10oz)

  • Essential Oils

  • Eco Cotton Wicks

  • Lead free

  • Approximate 40hr Burn Time

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