T H E   M A K E R

Andrea Barbosa is a creative living in Austin, TX, and specializing in small batch pottery. When she's not at the wheel, she enjoys thrifting, sewing, and long walks to the fridge for a nice glass of rose. Her favorite day is Sunday, when she and Pete listen to Van the Man and do domestic like things. Oh, and their pups love sofa time. When it happens. Not that it does. Too often, that is. 


T H E   D R E A M

Javelina Ranch will be a studio & gallery one day, but it will also be a home. A home built of love and hard work. For now, it is a dream that comes to life little by little in the things I make and find along the way.

HUGE thanks to Skip Hobbie Productions for making this film for me!

I get so many compliments on my logo and consistent branding throughout my website & packaging—and for that I owe a HUGE thank you to Ann Marie Flamenco, the main squeeze over at The Brand Stand. Her identity package has done so so much for Javelina Ranch!